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At first, I didn't like this unit (I'm not a big ethics person and I much prefer the definite answers to "what ifs"), but it came around towards the end. The tutor is very much passionate about what he teaches and is more than willing to clarify if needed. There is a few assessments but because of this the weighting is a bit more spread out meaning you have more chances to increase your grade if needed. The lectures seem to be meaningful only if you are present at them (its more engaging as there's a lot of conversation and questions). Be prepared, you will have to participate in debating. There's lots of easy marks up for grabs with the first few assessments and participation marks throughout the semester. Finally, instead of having a sit-in exam, theres a take-home exam (a solo case study on a topic given out on the date it opens). There was a group case study before this so it's not like we were unprepared but once opened you are given three days to complete and submit it, and the opening date is based on a vote of when the most people are available, which may not always work in your favour (like myself). Overall, quite a fun unit, learnt lots purely from the research I was required to do for the difference assessments.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019