The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Relethford, John

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Written by Shriya


147 pages, 28689 words

ANHB1102 Human Biology II: Being Human Notes

Written by Ella

Topics included: - Basic Principles of the Nervous System - Nervous System - Somatosensory Syst...

35 pages, 8546 words

ANHB1102: Being Human

Written by Dhrutika

Detailed lecture/lab notes Topics: Nervous System (Brain, Spinal Cord, Motor System, Sensory Sys...

42 pages, 30000 words

ANHB1102 Comprehensive notes (8 topics)

Written by Daniel

Covers the following topics: Nervous system, Cardiovascular, Respiratory system, Digestive sys...

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ANHB1102 Semester Notes (66 pages)

Written by Anam

ANHB1102 is a content heavy unit, these notes are a concise and compact summary of all the topics be...

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ANHB1102 detailed notes (NOT FULL- 4 topics only)

Written by Naima

Detailed notes with lots of pictures from lectures + book + some lab stuff. DOES NOT COVER EVERYT...

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ANHB1102 Human Biology II: Being Human Condensed Study Notes

Written by Sarah

Comprehensive summary of content of ANHB1102, Human Biology II: Being Human, by topic

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Genetics and Ecology

Written by Daniel

Covering all notes for the genetics and ecology lectures (Weeks 9-12). Specific topics include:...

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ANHB1102: Comprehensive Notes

Written by Sagarika

These notes include everything required for this unit including lecture notes and notes from reading...

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ANHB1102 - Revision Notes

Written by Ruchira

Concise notes covering all of the topics covered in the first year anatomy and human biology unit. G...

35 pages, 7200 words


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Lectures are frequently overloaded with excess material. The tutorials are very fun and engaging, but can vary based on the tutor you get. Assessments only involve participation and simple, repeatable weekly quizzes. Exam was all MCQ (thanks COVID). If you did HBIO in high school, easiest HD of your life :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Easier than ANHB1101. Still content-heavy but you get used to it. 40% lab participation and online quizzes, 60% final exam, if you want t do well you need to spend time studying for it, other than that an interesting and well organized unit

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Despite being a high content unit, it is definitely doable if you don't fall behind. If you did Human Bio ATAR, then this unit shouldn't be that difficult, as I find that a lot of the things that was taught in this unit was already taught in high school. Content is more similar to Year 11 human bio ATAR than year 12. There is a greater emphasis on histology and looking at microscope pictures and identifying, which is not really taught in high school. Aside from that, the content is very very similar to Year 11 Human Bio ATAR. It is very easy to achieve the full 40%, which is basically weekly quizzes and prelab. Despite what is being said in the reviews, I definitely think this unit is very doable and the exam is actually not that difficult. as long as you know ur stuff, ur good

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

This unit is very interesting but it also has a large amount of content. There are 3 lectures a week and an end of year exam worth 60%. The lectures are amazing and the 2-hour labs are super helpful. I would recommend studying as you go to help stay on top of the content :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Though I didn't find it as fun as ANHB1101, it is still a great unit! 40% is easy to obtain, the last 60% is the final exam which is structured fairly. If you put in the work and study (not ridiculous amounts) then you stand a good chance of getting a Distinction or higher. The labs and lectures are very informative, and the lecturers and tutors are amazing.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Amazing unit. Unit coordinators have set the unit up in a way that is very informative and makes it very easy to study on the go. If you are on top of your work then you will easily be on 40% coming up to the 60% final exam because all of the quizzes and pre-labs can be done as many times as required and only require above 90% for full marks. Exam preparation is also much easier as there are many more past exam papers available on onesearch than for any of the other units that i have done. Very enjoyable unit and i feel like i learnt a huge amount of information.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

A lot of content but far more interesting content than covered in ANHB1101. If you've done ATAR Human Bio as well as ANHB1101 (and sport science experience could also be helpful!) the workload is a lot less and can easily do well in with a bit less work throughout the semester. Unit coordinators Vanessa and Fiona are great (hope to get one of them as your tutor!), very friendly and approachable and tried to make the unit very fun. You can also easily find heaps of practice exams for it (very similar to the final one)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Workload: 3/5 Exam workload: 1/5 CA:5/5 Overall assessment:3/5 Continuous Assessment: 8 pre-labs (1.5% each) and 12 tests (1.5% each) Attendance: 10% Do all the assignments, pre-lab quiz (hit 90% and above,open-book) and attend labs for free 40% Exams: 20% MCQ (40). 40% structured (80) (120 marks) Surely there's a give and take? The exams were seriously hardcore. MCQ questions involved a lot of thinking as compared to traditional memory work that is in the online quizzes. They were probably <15 free questions and the rest either had two very similar options or just out-of-lecture/quiz material which comes from textbook,etc. Structured. 8 parts of 10 marks,with 3 parts being fairly do-able if you are decent at genetics. The other parts were probably a roller-coaster of emotions. One part had a huge essay style question on Urinary System for 10 marks and another one had a 5 marks part on the sensory part of the nervous system. Apart from the 3 questions, the other 5 questions were a mixture of moderate-very high level difficulty with it's explanation questions. General atmosphere of exams: Guy behind me,left 20 mins early and girl in front of me,left 15 mins early,no idea how they are able to complete the exam so quickly. After the exam, a group of girls were remarking about deciding to take up another major instead of anatomy. Pretty disappointing unit pre-,during and post-exam. Pre-exam requires immense prep and it's virtually impossible to have time for textbook reading. During exam,you realise a lot of concepts are unfamiliar probably because it's textbook material. After exam,you are left thinking about how hard the exam was and will be bothered by it,which could affect the next paper. I think this unit is a good prep for pre-med and those who want to have a feel of the difficulty of anhb in uwa, but I would gladly encourage other majors to stay clear as this unit drains your time for other exams and you might not even perform well because of the finals. Do ANHB1101 and SCIE1106 instead

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Hear me out, this unit can appear very full on content wise (especially for a first year unit) but it honest to god is so manageable if you stay on top of lectures, prep a little for the tutes and what ever you do always try and get full marks for the online quizzes and pre-labs because it really adds up in the end!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This unit is amazing if you're interesting in pursuing a medical degree. it gives you all the basic knowledge about each system and some of the labs are very fun. It is a quite heavy unit with a lot to learn though. some labs are very dry and only involve pictures and the nervous system module was horrible tbh i don't remember a single thing from it. If you did hbio in highschool and like human body stuff, you'll love it, otherwise don't do it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016