Essentials of Pathophysiology


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Human Pathophysiology notes

Written by Charmie

Includes summary notes from pracs (as well as lecture summaries of course). Sorted into each pathoph...

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Entire Human Pathophysiology Course Notes

Written by Angela

This file contains notes needed for the entire subject. I used these for my studies throughout t...

141 pages, 24910 words

Dean's Merit List HD Human Pathophysiology Notes

Written by Sam

I'm a HD average student studying Medical Science and Business These are very detailed notes wit...

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Spending only one week on each system meant that you could get a general understanding of normal physiology and only a few pathologies. Hot tip would be to study for those prac quizzes because they're actually worth quite a bit and can have a substantial impact of your final mark.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

content is quite heavy with a lot of material. however, test are relatively easy with simple revision over lecture notes. exams are quite heavily based on questions in practical book.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015