Equity and Trusts

Michael Brookes Evans, Bradley L. Jones, Theresa Power

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Equity and Trusts

Michael Brookes Evans, Bradley L. Jones, Theresa Power

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Equity and Trust Guidebook

Christopher Brien

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Equity and Trusts - 3rd Edition

Evans, M

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Equity and Trusts

Michael Evans (LL. B.)

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Distinction course notes

Written by Emma

Course notes for 70517 Equity and Trusts, derived from the textbook with notes added from classes an...

52 pages, 26489 words

Equity and Trusts Summary Notes

Written by Caroline

These were the notes I used in Equity and Trusts. They are a summary of class notes, textbook readin...

44 pages, 14990 words

Equity & Trusts Final Exam Notes - Essential

Written by Sylvia

Clear and comprehensive notes on all topics covered in the subject (with table of contents to assist...

142 pages, 63814 words

LIFE SAVER EQUITY NOTES/ - Full subject notes/Tutorial Skeletons/ Exam Skeletons

Written by Melissa

Equity is considered a dense subject, many of the equitable doctrines involve heavy case law, many o...

92 pages, 100000 words

Equity & Trusts Course Notes

Written by Steph

Very useful notes to get you through the tutorials, essays and take home exam! Cover all topics and...

70 pages, 28770 words

Equity & Trusts - HD NOTES - 86%

Written by Christopher

This set of notes contains all topics detailed. Collaboratively combining both Textbook Readings/Not...

75 pages, 28004 words

Equity & Trusts Exam/Tut Notes

Written by Steph

Equity SCAFFOLDS..perfect for answering any tutorial or exam question including the take home exam.....

16 pages, 7328 words

UTS Equity and Trusts notes

Written by Connie

These are notes for the whole unit for 70517 - Equity and Trusts.

166 pages, 55286 words

Equity & Trusts Notes

Written by Gemma

Very useful, notes are straightforward and great for essay, tutorial preparation and the final asses...

118 pages, 251002 words

70517 Equity and Trusts Exam Notes

Written by Vannessa

These 70517 notes cover all of the topics of the subject in an easy to follow and understand fashion...

61 pages, 24425 words


$90 per hour

Experienced qualified solicitor with 12 years teaching experience. Lecturer and tutor. LLB/LP (hons...


One of my favourite subjects at UTS. Dr John Felemegas and Allison Sillink are great. Would warn that one of the girls I tutored experienced gender discrimination (along with many of the other girls) by Anthony Hopkins (barrister, casual academic) and he was a very flippant tutor (AUT19). If you can avoid his tutorial, best to.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Dr John Felemegas is the absolute best

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Great subject

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2018

I give this subject a 5/5, simply because my lecturer was a LEGEND. Equity & Trusts is like reading the Bible. All you have to do is listen to your inner angel voice and you’ll pass with flying colours! Enjoy the lengthly moral turpitude discussions ;)

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017