Internatioanl financial management

Geert J. Bekaert and Robert J. Hodrick

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High Distinction IFM notes - Fantastic Layout!

Written by Jessica

- Detailed notes - Colour coded examples and case studies - Calculation examples - Topics include...

40 pages, 10530 words

Detailed notes for International Financial Management (High Distinction 89)

Written by Sab

These notes are for the whole course based on the prescribed textbook, International Financial Manag...

35 pages, 8516 words


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Lucy was my lecturer. It's easy to get HD if you've already done Derivative Securities. I would give this subject 5 stars but my tutor (older Asian lady) could've explained some concepts better and had better time management.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

Good if you like bullsh*ting draws from past knowledge alot ***Beware looks easy but he marks hard eg midsem only 9 people got over 15/20

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014