Essentials of Corporate Finance

Stephen A. Ross

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Essentials of Corporate Finance

Ross, Stephen

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Essentials of Corporate Finance, Fourth Edition

Stephen A. Ross, Rowan M. Trayler, Gerhard Van de Venter, Ron Bird, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford D. Jordan

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Principles of Economics with Student Resource Access 12 Months

Joshua Gans, Robin Stonecash, Martin Byford, Gregory Mankiw, Stephen King, Ph.D., Jan Libich

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Fundamentals of Business Law

Margaret L. Barron

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Essentials of Corporate Finance

Stephen A Ross, Rowan M Trayler, Gerhard Van de Venter, Ron Bird, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford D Jordan

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Essentials of Corporate Finanace

Stephen A. Ross, Bradford D. Jordan, Randolph Westerfield, Rowan M Trayler, Charles Koh, Gerhard Hambusch

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Essentials of Corporate Finanace

Stephen A. Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford D. Jordan

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Essentials of Corporate Finance

Stephen A Ross, Rowan M Trayler, Gerhard Van de Venter, Ron Bird, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford D Jordan

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Could be taught better.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2018

Interesting subject! Capital Budgeting is the only difficult part!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Very engaging subject with interesting and very useful content.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2018

Enjoyable subject if you like finance. Structured quite well overall. Major focus on practical examples.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016

The lecturer was good, I got Christina as my tutor, she was very dedicated with her class and willing to explain every single detail until you understand the content! Textbook is no needed, just do all the exercise that they post online and review them for final exam!! The group assignment was long so it's better if you start early and divide the work, MAKE SURE every group member understand the assignment because you will get a similar Capital Budgeting question in final exam! Read the question carefully!!!

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

Good intro to finance. Only simple computations are required. Focus on understanding the practical examples in this subject and you will do great.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2017

I see a gap between the level of the lecture and the level of questions you have to solve in the tutorial/the quiz but the subject coordinator really cares about the students and so do the tutors. It is an introductory class but it is still very difficult for many students. The subject provides you with solid knowledge in different areas of finance and prepares well for building up on it in the future.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2017

Easy course. Good introduction to finance topics. Need to practice a lot to get used to the calculation. Algebra knowledge definitely helps.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

This subject is one of my favourite subject.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016

Contents are easy, but the assignment is hard. The capital budget question is similar to assignment. Make sure you ask your tutors about what you don't understand in assignment.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016