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New Product Marketing Mind Map Summaries

Written by Samantha

- Mind map outline of the NPM course - Includes all of the essential content that helped me better...

1 pages, 2500 words

New Product Marketing Study Notes

Written by Samantha

- 53 pages of in-depth notes taken in both lectures and tutorials throughout the course - Includes...

53 pages, 15000 words

UTS 24223 - New Product Marketing - Subject Notes (All Topics)

Written by Simon

These notes are a comprehensive summary of all the content covered in this subject. They include key...

20 pages, 8334 words

New Product Marketing Notes

Written by Rachel

These notes have been tailored to the 2016 final exam for 24223. Only 4 pages!

4 pages, 1222 words

New Product Marketing notes

Written by Roger

Adaptation of lecture notes into a format I was more comfortable with. Also supported with informati...

30 pages, 6506 words


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New concepts and interesting subject.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2016

Need the textbook because the lecturer asks questions straight from the chapters in the final exam

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Bludgey subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013