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Event Impact and Legacies Notes

Written by Taylor

These notes include all lecture slides as well as additional information from weekly readings

23 pages, 13213 words

Event Impacts and Legacies Study Notes

Written by Samantha

- 32 pages of summarised notes taken throughout the event impacts and legacies course - Includes le...

32 pages, 15341 words

Event Impacts & Legacies

Written by Nicola

-Concise -definitions -examples -diagrams -effective

12 pages, 2646 words

HD Event Impacts and Legacies

Written by Rachel

High Distinction notes for 21639 Event Impacts and Legacies. - Includes all the main and important...

27 pages, 7723 words


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This is an insightful subject, providing students with practical knowledge regarding event impacts, whether social, economic or political, as well as both the positive and negative legacies that events can produce.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2016