Peter G. Northouse

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Comprehensive WORK3202 Notes

Written by Courtney

Notes cover the entire subject; lectures, tutorials & readings. Set out under weekly topics providin...

24 pages, 6278 words

Notes - WORK3202 - Leadership

Written by Jessica

Comprehensive notes based on lectures, readings and tutorial activities. They incorporate both dot p...

103 pages, 41233 words

Summarised Unit - Nice tables, Easy to Understand

Written by Albert

Many of the important concepts are in nice neat tables. short 1 page summaries on all the importan...

14 pages, 3100 words

notes for final exam w1-w11 (including readings and tutorials)

Written by Serena

Topic List: Week 1 Introduction Week 2 Self-Leadership Week 3 Classical Theories: Week 4 Clas...

16 pages, 3705 words


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