Strategic Advertising Management

Percy, Larry

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Stategic Management : Competitiveness and Globalisation

Ireland, R. Duane

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WORK2210: Strategic Management (Notes)

Written by Jessica

These notes include an incorporation or material delivered in lectures such as lecture notes, textbo...

61 pages, 20736 words


Written by Jessica

A complete set of notes for WORK2210 including all lecture notes and tips.

19 pages, 4692 words

WORK2210 Detailed Notes

Written by Michelle

29 pages. Detailed self-organised notes for WORK2210 drawn from lecture materials and readings. Easi...

29 pages, 11702 words

WORK2210 - Succinct Exam Study Notes

Written by Rodoshi

Will get you through the exam: - organised format - covers all exam topics (the notes include Scen...

4 pages, 1600 words


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I did not do this course but I would like some more reviews in terms of assessments, structure, lecturer, content etc. Thank you.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Well structured course with interactive tutorial sessions. Teaching staff made it easy to understand and perform well however the marking is quite strict as they look for details.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013