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PSYC3014 Lecture & Tutorial Notes

Written by Nishat

- These notes contain lecture and tutorial material covered by: 1) Dr Irina Harris - memory, langua...

151 pages, 45391 words

PSYC3014/3914: Comprehensive lecture and tutorial notes, diagrams, pictures

Written by Bianca

Concise notes made for all the lecture material. The notes are very well structured and organised wi...

45 pages, 20131 words

Lecture Notes - PSYC3014

Written by Jess

Lecture notes from lecturers in 2014 Lectures were repeated in 2015, except one lecturer was replac...

94 pages, 22724 words


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Graduated Master of Clinical Psychology (2018), Bachelor of Psychology Honours Class 1 (2016). H...


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Hi! I am an honours student in Psychology (class 2019). I studied Psychology and Neuroscience as maj...


Super interesting content and managed to get a high distinction, but the report and final exam were difficult and required heavy revision.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

It's slightly intense, but interestingly. Lots of information on neurodegenerative diseases, so slightly depressing. But you do get to hold real brains at the start of semester.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013