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PHTY5201 End-Semester Examination Notes

Written by Cheuk Yin

- Topics from all weeks and lectures are covered: Week 1: Amputation Management, Aged Care Week 2:...

126 pages, 46033 words

Final Exam Notes for Physiotherapy Across the Lifespan

Written by James

- Physiotherapy for the burns injured patient. - Exercise for falls prevention in older age. - Phy...

31 pages, 10710 words

Physiotherapy Across the Lifespan

Written by Hannah

Cover all aspects of the lecture slides along with additional notes from textbooks and independent s...

75 pages, 17525 words


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This course is packed with a lot of learning materials ranging from aged care to paediatric. The main concepts of each topic are to understand their corresponding assessments, treatments and management in different cases which therefore requires some memorization of the names of specific disorders and their respective coping methods. The knowledge gained is therefore more practical that could be applied in the future setting in physiotherapy.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019