Physiology Coloring Bk CP

Kapit & Macey

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HD Level Summary of PHSI3009

Written by Victor

These notes are above HD level summaries of PHSI3009. They cover everything related to lectures, pra...

78 pages, 12689 words

PHSI3009/3909 HD Notes (90)

Written by Jasneil

These are the complete set of notes I used for PHSI3909 to achieve a mark of 90 and an exam mark of...

84 pages, 30922 words

HD PHSI3009 Notes

Written by Hayden

Detailed notes for PHSI3009 covering all lectures. Also include notes on the practical worth 5% asse...

98 pages, 21999 words

PHSI3009 UoS Notes

Written by Frankie

This is my lecture summary notes for PHSI3009: - Cover all lectures - Concise summary of lecture...

86 pages, 13444 words

HD (90) PHSI3009/ PHSI3909 Notes

Written by James

These are the PHSI3009 notes I used to study for the final exam and achieve a High Distinction in 2...

87 pages, 25020 words

PHSI3009: Frontiers in Cellular Physiology

Written by Jamie

✓ Comprehensive PHSI3009 lecture notes, with some additional notes from textbook/ journal articles (...

67 pages, 12122 words


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Group assignments. you have been warned. interesting content. I made summarised notes and understood the content. Got 38/40 for my final exam, all MCQ

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

disorganised unit, no feedback given throughout the semester, terrible group work that counts for most of your in semester grade, incoherent lectures, no assessment guidance

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

The most disorganised and stressful course I have ever taken. Assessments are almost purely group work and worth 40% of your final grade. Almost 0 feedback was provided on assessment results until after the final exam was over. Tutors were unhelpful, lecturers were extremely difficult to understand - it is more valuable to watch lectures at home when they can be paused. Practicals were confusing, in particular one prac went for 4 hours, and the vast majority of students received no results because none of the equipment worked- and it was still assessed in the final exam. Exam structure is also extremely poor - with only 44MCQs in an exam worth 45% - losing 1% of your final course grade per MCQ you get wrong is extremely harsh. Would advise anyone trying to maintain a high WAM, or anyone who doesn't like group work and high-stakes assessments to steer clear of PHSI3009.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Amazing content & some great lecturers. VERY disorganised in terms of assessments and lacking decent tutors or a even a solid guideline/ marking criteria; hopefully coordinators sort it out soon as unit is relatively new.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Content can be a little dry, but topics covered consolidate and form foundations for the other third year PHSI units.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

While somewhat disorganized at times, the general themes covered in this subject are extremely useful for further study.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016