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NURS5043 Table of Drugs for Finals

Written by Emily

These notes contain all the drugs related to the finals exam covering the topics: RENAL, CARDIOVASCU...

11 pages, 4155 words

NURS5043 Full Semester Notes

Written by Edison

Includes - L1 Renal Disease 1 - L2 Renal Disease 2 & 3 - L3 Cardiovascular Physiology - L4 CV Ph...

50 pages, 9754 words

NURS5043 RENAL and CARDIO - Table of Drugs

Written by Emily

These notes contain all the drugs related to the RENAL and CARDIOVASCULAR disease topics for the mid...

5 pages, 2109 words


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It is true what the students say about Ron from senior years and how extremely bad this unit is taught. It's really funny at the end of lectures Ron says I explained everything you need to know, which is so inaccurately wrong as he dose not explain anything at all and sometimes contradicts the point he made or the slides say something else but he is mentioning something completely different. I do not understand why lectures are being recorded in many different clips that add up to over 3 hours, when can just be formatted in on simple clip which should only be adding to 2 hours not over 3, nearly 4 hour for one lecture. That is absolutely ridiculous and utterly selfish. Clearly some editing can be done or just he is not bothered to and wants to bombard us with information that is majority of the time not useful and not to the point of the learning outcomes, it is like his mansplaining to us in a talking down way. What is the point of having us research drugs from prework, but they are not even listed in the attached case study for the week, seems very confusing and misleading because you would assume they are related but aren't. I had to google everything anyways as just nothing was explain logically and got the information as it was straight forward to the point without any fuss and confusion, why can Ron not explain and lecture and do the slides in that manner, why the need to over complicate things? I so not sure why I have to pay the uni fees when it should be free when nobody taught me because literally I had to google everything and google told me the information instead. He makes also these weird sounds in the lecture recordings, kind of perverted and extremely uncomfortable when listening because its just distasteful. He needs to ne replaced with someone that can do a better job. Just listening to the ACS lecture where he contradicts and talks about the same thing but meaning different things is just another final straw for his incompetence as a lecturer, so are you saying GTN sprays used won't have any help with discomfort or will because you just contradicted yourself in that point. Next minute Ron talks about troponin enzymes, then says we don't need to memories for exam and can read back in our own time, but spends a whopping 20 minutes on topic, mixed messages and confusing much like his playing mental mind games. It's just horribly bad teaching from the get go. I wish I can copy and paste clips and upload images to show you the multitude of times these have occurred. Another lecturer that needs to go is Vanessa, she waffles on way too much about extremely unimportant insignificant stuff not following the learning outcomes and talking about personal stories that are very weird and disgusting like way too much TMI. it is because of vanessa olsen i want to kill myself and slit my wrists, she is making me be suicidal and endager myself.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

0 the two teachers seem very shady and snarky about the others teaching. it seems vanessa likes to take shots and digs at the guy lecturer, maybe cos his not white. when talking about joints, vanessa began the topic with and i quote " lets talk about joints, not the fun ones, but the ones in your body". umm am i correct that she is alluding to illegal drugs? that is not professional at all and not even funny to even suggest considering to amount of people who die from using illicit drugs or killed by those who use them. vanessa makes many errors even when she literally reads of the slides word for word, and says synarthrotic is immovable, but then says they can move. so which one is it? why not word it if you wanted to change it as limited movement. there are many more blunders she makes. vanessa makes excuses that it is late and she is stumbling with words and thoughts, well here is a tip then do not leave it so late and do it during the day, as you should be releasing lectures on Monday and this was not uploaded until Tuesday night/Wednesday. there are many parents doing the course so it is no excuse to juggle many things at once. how is knowing about you wanting to be a belly dancer make me pass the subject? thats disgusting for starter to bring up and so very weird to bring up when it has nothing to do with the topics, again going way off topic being very selfish.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

i hear Vanessa is getting fired by the university or they aren't renewing her contract? wished this was sooner because her lack of teaching skills is atrocious and they need to hire someone that is good at delivering facts straight the the point with no beating around the bush with irrelevant information. maybe her white privileged views make her complacent to not being dynamic to teach those not of a Caucasian background. a helpful tip for her is when shes attempting to lecture, which is done at such a poorly low level think about, dose the student need to know this for the exam? is that explainable? she dose know that nurses can research and look things up in the field when in practice. lord jesus vanessa needs to go not teach ever.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Can we please get a better lecturer then the guy that's currently doing it, his a shocker absolutely crap. I hear with the new nursing school and changes to staff employment some may be let go and need to prove they are good to stay, so I hope he goes and gets replaced by someone who will do a proper decent job. I have posted on the discussion boards on the unit on canvas about the unfairness of his unit and just how things are being operated, but it stems from his lack of understanding on how to be a good unit coordinator. Vanessa equally bad, why would you bring up cancer metastases when its not in the learning outcomes for week 9 and not exam content? why screw with stressed student minds more when you can just keep the content more focused and direct then waffling away on so many unnecessary tangents making it more difficult to comprehend. Vanessa just reads of the slides anyways, so why even bother putting a "lecture video" when you can just read of slides, as defeats purpose and you not even teaching us, so not sure why you have a teaching job because she makes me want to kill myself every time she thinks shes lecturing when shes not by making this harder when they should not be at all. However, when she wants to add something not on the slides she says it so quickly and mumble you have to pause and rewind multiple times, like she wants you to miss it purposely. Please replace with someone who will get to the point more concisely and effectively.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Ron literally gives me anxiety and causes me stress to the point I want to get a knife and kill myself because he makes the content so much more difficult and hard to comprehend then it needs to. May I ask why the need to torture students for what gain and benefit? He is not a good educator at all, clearly marked in his respiratory lectures where he rambles about FEV1 and FVC about things back and forth not making sense for literally 20 minutes with no consistent train of thought of each concept, but then says I don't expect you to memorize this and not in exam? LIKE WHAT!! Are you trying to murder me with a heart attack. Unless you enjoy mentally torturing us, seriously listen over your lectures and edit them because I just google the terms and it can just be defined to me straight forward without going in circles. Overall just the worst unit ever! He keeps over smashing us with drugs... he knows we aren't pharmacists and doctors right so as nurses not in our scope to be prescribing the drugs and to just follow what's been order by the doctors. He constantly says when you prescribe, um I think you need to check who your educating and focus on getting your facts in order. Somebody else needs to take over teaching this unit that will actually not make me want to die.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

As a current student I agree with the previous students. In the lecture for week 5 Vanessa contradicts herself, by saying we do not need to know terms for some of these respiratory diseases, however next minute literally seconds later says he need to know them for exam case studies. So what actually are you trying to say we need to learn? She spent over 30 minutes talking about topics and if they are not relevant to learning outcomes I for the life of me do not know why she would in great lengths talk about them then glaze over things we do potentially need to know. If not complaining or talking about other off topic things she just reads of the slides mainly, so whats the point in lecturing, just let us read the slides them instead, google has been my best friend in reexplaining things to me more simply. The lectures are not helpful in giving tips for what we need to know, which Ron dose alright (sometimes when he remembers to or want to).

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

The lecturer Vanessa waffles on too much about the small details, but when talking about the important details that are in learning outcomes just skims through it more. Not very good at teaching at all because constantly mixing up topics and is muddling things a lot, especially when want to write out notes because nothing is in flow format making things harder then they should be in the first place. Not sure why telling personal stories has anything to do with the learning outcomes, when literally the learning outcomes part is only for like 10/15 minute and she spends the remaining hour or more talking about things that are not in exam like she wants to torture you. Vanessa thinks shes teaching doctors/scientists/researchers when this is a nursing course and we do not need to know that much depth as will not be prescribing mediation and we do not perform surgeries and doing not doing experiments, so I am not sure what she is waffling about when things can be simplified easily to the basic requirments.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

More a -0. Extremely poor level of teaching and poor clear annunciations by the lecturer Ron. It's baffling when he says in the lectures he says you don't need to know it, but then next minute it's mentioned in great detail making is so confusing like he wants to trick you and fail you in the exam because we needed to know it. The lectures are not concise and not to the point, too many flip flopping back and forth like a goat rodeo on multiple concepts at once not finishing each topic or concept properly making the lectures useless if not even done properly in the first place, then makes it more further unclear as your your not sure what information is pertaining to what topic/concept anymore as its all muddled up and not informative at all making note taking and understanding everything that much more difficult due to his bad communication skills at lecturing properly. Example (one out of many) why the need to list all the different lipid profile and literally smash and bombard us with all the types and information, but then turn around and say we only need to know two. Whats to point? Is it to show your power and your such a big man knowing everything and trying to show off your ego? Ron needs to learn to keep it simple and to the point because he goes on unimportant tangents like a goat rodeo it just goes round and round making unclear points. It is also hilarious that he had to state his unit gets a top rating, which not true at all and is not the feedback I have seen on his classes on various other forums where people have had very similar complaints or worse on his bad standards on teaching, I am not sure who wrote the first comment, but clearly that person is cooked in the head and cheated their way through the unit obviously. Also, why have a person lecturing the cardiovascular topic, I think its that said it is not her field she specializes in and had to get help from another person who is an expert in that field and admitted having help with the slides from that person? That crazy to think someone inexperienced with the topic is presenting it. The other person, is who teaches another unit of study, who specializes in this topic should have given the lecture and Im sure could have spared a week or two lecturing when shes knows more than . It is like shes trying to not read of slides by placing synonyms on each word and ends up waffling about not important information that has nothing to do with learning objectives and not making even more sense making it again harder to make notes, especially in stressful times. Examples constantly used is of athletic fit people, but shes is not athletic and fit so I am not sure on the validity and accuracy of examples as shes trying to tell us what healthy is when shes not.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019


Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017