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Don't do this subject - the entire content is not structured well at all, and the lectures are pretty useless. The content is also irrelevant to digital marketing. Leant more in STUVAC teaching myself than i did in 13 weeks.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

John John John... would have to say that the only positive parts of this unit are that marks are released pretty quickly (in most cases) and there were some hot exchange students. The unit covers a lot of stuff that was pretty irrelevant and not worth covering (Wikipedia could teach you better). If you want to experience reverse racism and not have responses from your emails, make sure to do this unit! His content is dated, with industry speakers supporting the opposite of his thoughts. If you want to look at slides with no information or 9270423 graphs, then you've found your calling.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

very poorly taught

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Has to be one of the worst subjects. It feels like it's in its infancy stage, since the tutor told us things were really good last year (i.e. everyone did an in-depth research on a particular e-marketing topic so EVERYONE learnt something new). This year, the lecturer pretty much summarised everything in the textbook. WHY SPEAK 2 HOURS on something I could read in half an hour?!!!! Also, the lecture and the tutorials are so disconnected i.e. the lecturer speaks on the topic of e-marketing, the tutor does literally nothing. For the first 10% of the tutorial time was discussing the first assessment. For 80% of the semester, our tutorial was spent on discussing the second assessment. The tutor came around each group with "helpful suggestions" and that was one hour spent. For the last 10%, it was on "discussing" the prep for the final exam i.e. reading out loud what the lecturer has set down to study for. The tutor did not teach us anything, he didn't teach us theory, he didn't teach us how to put e-marketing into real life practise, just asked us to think "more towards e-marketing". I learnt more preparing for the four questions in the exam than I ever did the first 10 weeks. TERRIBLE subject. The only two bright things were a. the comments for our marketing plan was helpful b. the lecturer actually knew some very good speakers and asked them to come talk to us in the last few weeks when he ran out of things to say.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Really poorly taught subject. Obviously the topics are constantly changing, but there's a real lack of structure to the teaching style. Lectures don't coincide with reading materials or tutorials. Feels like you're studying 3 topic areas per week. The exam didn't really relate to the work throughout the semester. Hints of plagiarism in teaching materials with no references, and essay exam question lifted straight off a webpage, with an answer offered, which was not covered in syllabus and had nothing to do with taught material. All said and done, this is a subject you can go really well at with a little bit of work. Loads of easy marks throughout the semester. Group work obviously difficult as always, but with a good exam mark and participation throughout semester is an easy D+.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

This marketing subject is really a waste of time (don't know anybody who did this and felt like they learnt anything). Lecturer is terrible (he has a PhD and calls himself doctor), possible the worst lecturer i've ever had. Loves to talk about his life and industry experience but NOTHING useful to the subject itself. Structure of subject is a mess, no feedback on assessments are given. He forces you to join FB group to earn participation marks which is just stupid. A lot of marketing theories covered are not academically approved. He doesn't acknowledge the approved ones such as PESTLE, porters etc. Also made us buy the textbook, then 3 weeks in told us he didn't want to use it anymore.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013