Private International Law - 2nd Edition

Keyes, M

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Public International Law

Written by Bilson

Nature of Public International Law Sources of International Law Law of Treaties Public Internati...

46 pages, 31000 words

High Distinction (86) LAWS5017 Private International Law A Notes

Written by Jack

These notes served me well in the mid-semester and final exams, helping me to a high distinction for...

142 pages, 50814 words

Private International Law A Notes - Ross Anderson

Written by Zoe

Private International Law A notes for Ross Anderson's class. - Comprehensive, structured notes wi...

111 pages, 49340 words

Extremely Detailed Notes for Private International Law A - 87D (For LAWS2018 & LAWS 5017)

Written by Vanessa

This is the extremely detailed version of the notes for Private International Law A. The notes follo...

130 pages, 86723 words

PIL Course Notes & Case Summaries

Written by AJ

These LAWS1018 notes have been immaculately formatted. They are modern, precise, and broken down int...

88 pages, 19800 words

LAWS2018/LAWS5017 - Private International A

Written by Matt

A comprehensive set of lecture notes covering the whole course. Detailed case summaries are included...

196 pages, 76000 words


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