HD Case Summaries and Principles (You won't need to read anything else)

Written by Sam

Topic 1: Introduction to IPCL  Page 3 Topic 2: Choses in Possession  Page 25 Topic 3: Choses...

113 pages, 78991 words

IPCL Midsemester exam scaffold

Written by Monica

Very comprehensive and detailed mid semester scaffolds.

21 pages, 7525 words


Written by Norah

Very comprehensive lecture, class and textbook notes covering all topics - including a step-by-step...

196 pages, 90664 words

Introduction to property and commercial law exam scaffold

Written by Monica

Comprehensive yet succinct. Well formatted for ease of revision and exam preparation. As you can se...

31 pages, 11307 words

LAWS5008 / LAWS2012 IPCL HD notes and scaffold

Written by Vandelay

This set of notes include (i) well-structured and detailed lecture and reading notes, and (ii) succi...

139 pages, 81000 words

LAWS2012/5008 Introduction to Property and Commercial Law - Ultimate Notes, Flowcharts, Scaffolds and Legislation Guide (HD)

Written by Kate

HD STANDARD - Detailed notes on all topics (see contents in sample), as well as scaffolds and carefu...

110 pages, 63000 words

IPCL notes - detailed and easy to follow

Written by Ellie

These IPCL notes combines material from lectures and readings. The structure and logic is very clear...

60 pages, 35869 words

Distinction IPCL Notes + Revision Answers

Written by Jack

These IPCL notes served me well in the initial assessment and final exam - overall helping me to a D...

117 pages, 46242 words

IPCL Essential Course/Exam Notes (All topics)

Written by AJ

These LAWS5008 notes have been immaculately formatted. They are modern, precise, and broken down int...

146 pages, 32000 words


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