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LAWS3479 IP Trademarks and Patents - Distinction (80) Scaffolds and Notes

This is a comprehensive yet concise set of scaffolds and notes which will allow you to excel in LAWS...

52 pages, 31320 words

LAWS3479 and LAWS5179 Beautifully Formatted and Summarised

Comprehensive yet succinct. Well formatted for ease of revision and exam preparation. As you can see...

22 pages, 67390 words

LAWS3479 (D - 76) Notes - Scaffold style summary of lectures/readings/tutorials

Comprehensive and concise notes for LAWS3479. Contains all you need for the exam. These notes assist...

51 pages, 18956 words


FULL set of notes with: > Scaffolds for EVERY chapter > Case Notes > Statute > Table of Content...

138 pages, 77875 words

Complete and beautifully formatted IP Notes + plenty of case examples

This notes is a compilation of textbooks/lecture slides/additional readings. It will be very helpful...

138 pages, 68030 words

LAWS3479/LAWS5179 IP: Trademarks and Patents

These notes are very extensive and draw from the readings and lectures Suitable for LAWS3479 and...

183 pages, 56506 words

IP Cheat Sheet - Summarized notes

This is a set of notes you can take in for your final examinations. It is my short hand notes that c...

15 pages, 12473 words


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!! Assignment Planning | Test Preparation | Proofreading | Unit Reviews !! I completed my Bachelo...


Bad coordinators, on call, no recordings

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

Interesting subject and great lecturer but sometimes the content is not presented in the clearest way.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020