Media Law

David Rolph, Matt Vitins, Judith Bannister, Daniel Joyce

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Media Law

Rolph, David

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Australian Media Law

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Distinction Defamation and Privacy Law Scaffold Notes

Written by Jack

Comprehensive, yet succinct. Well formatted for ease of revision and exam preparation. Paired with...

26 pages, 16012 words

LAWS3428 Distinction Notes for Final Exam - Comprehensive and Detailed

Written by Thom

These notes are comprehensive and cover the entire unit as taught in Semester 1, are written with c...

88 pages, 28568 words

HD Media Law: Defamation and Privacy Notes (S2 2018)

Written by Ying

This comprehensive (and up-to-date) set of notes provides a detailed framework and guide to the Medi...

53 pages, 34043 words

LAWS3428/5128 Media Law: Defamation and Privacy Detailed Notes

Written by Monica

Very comprehensive and detailed notes. Cover all required and recommended readings. Ideal for final...

159 pages, 55562 words

Defamation and Privacy - Comprehensive and well formatted study notes [LAWS3428/LAWS5128]

Written by Jason

A comprehensive summary of the entire LAWS3428/LAWS5128 course.

113 pages, 37839 words

LAWS3428/LAWS5128 Media Law: Defamation and Privacy

Written by Corine

These notes are very extensive and draw from the readings and lectures Main topics: - Introduc...

117 pages, 37261 words

Media law - LAWS3428

Written by Eric

Detailed notes covering all topics Topics: 1. The rationale and role of defamation law: balancing...

84 pages, 41913 words


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