I'm a USYD student studying Law.


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Started uni
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (Accounting Major)
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BUSS1040 - 91
FINC2011 - 87 overall, 29.5/30 for Major Assignment
ACCT2012 (now ACCT2019) - 87 overall, 85 for Major Assignment, 100% for SAP
BUSS1020 - 85
ACCT1006, ACCT2011, INFS2001 and INFS1000 - 80+
ACCT3012 (now ACCT3020) - 95 for Tutorial Presentation, 76 overall
ACCT3013 - 86 for Major Assignment, 80 Overall
CLAW2201 - 90 for Midsem, 85 for Major Assignment, 81 Overall
CLAW1001 - Distinction overall, 85+ for midsem and assignment
(Note: CLAW1001 and CLAW2201 have now been subsumed into CLAW2214 (for accounting students), and CLAW2201 has become CLAW1003 if taken separately)

More about Myself:

- I'm an International Student from Singapore.

- I have 6 years of tutoring experience, with 83% of my students placing in the highest possible grade bracket.

- I'm a native speaker of English and Mandarin Chinese, and passable speaker of French, if that rocks your boat.

- I live on Campus - sessions can easily be arranged.

- I'm an opera singer! You won't have to worry about monotonous droning or soft whispers.

- I studied several of the subjects (Economics, Statistics) listed above in great depth during pre-University study and performed well in them while also tutoring other students.

- I empathise! Nothing comes easy in Uni, but I'm here to make sure you don't fall victim to the slogan of 'Ps get Degrees'.

- I like friends! The more the merrier and the bigger the savings! Please let me know about such requirements in the PM and arrangements can be made.

I will:

- Ensure you are caught up with the course content in great detail. While I am able to re-deliver lecture content, prior knowledge would help you derive more from your sessions.

- Trim the fat! Grades are king, so I strive to eliminate pointless abstract material and focus on that which is critical to assignments and exams.

- Prepare you for battle! There's no substitute for practice, and I will provide it while offering assistance every step of the way, in a manner that primes you for major examinations.

You can thus see how being up-to-date with the course content will necessarily accelerate the learning process, saving your precious time and money.

I will not:
- Do your assignments. While I can offer guidance on relevant content, doing them for you is a serious violation of academic honesty.

So, join me for an enriching and productive academic experience, and help me help you make your Uni journey a far more enjoyable and fruitful one.


English, Mandarin Chinese, French


I am a mature-aged student who hadn't done any math for about a decade so I was anxious about my ability to pass this course. John's guidance was invaluable and he helped explain tricky, abstract concepts. John is an experienced, talented tutor who has an adaptive teaching style, if you're struggling to comprehend something he will adjust his approach accordingly. He helps consolidate my knowledge through practice questions and his tutoring has given me the skills & confidence I needed. If you're after a reliable, efficient, professional tutor who's reasonably priced then you cant do better than John, do yourself a favor and hire him.

Daniel, StudentVIP member
since April, 2019


I honestly can’t be more grateful to John for all of his help and guidance this semester. He is an excellent teacher who explains concepts clearly and has extensive experience when it comes to how my unit (BUSS1020) is taught and assessed. Not only is he a relatable and friendly mentor, he also understands how a lot of the content material in my course can be taught in a convoluted and confusing manner. And so, he really simplifies a lot of the concepts and narrows down all the essential knowledge you need to know. Put simply, John is a fantastic mentor who teaches well and gives great advice. Reaching out to him is probably the best decision I’ve made this semester and I’d highly encourage you to do the same. Thanks John!

Brandon, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


John was a really good tutor for BUSS1040. He was very understanding and was able to teach and explain weeks of content over a few lessons to help me prepare for the final. He was always well prepared and organised, highly recommended.

Angus, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


After BUS1040 I continued tutoring with John for BUS1020. I’ve struggle with the math core units in commerce but his extra assistance has made a massive difference in making math less overwhelming. John has an excellent understanding of the course content and concepts, knows how to communicate this info and provides lots of practice questions. John is an amazing tutor who gives 100% to his students.

Brieanna, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015


John is an excellent tutor! He help me to get 42/50in the final and a 75+ in the assignment for FINC 2011.he is well prepared for the assignment before teaching us .And he even keep on contact me about studies after class .highly recommended !

Jenny, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


John is a very competent tutor for Acct 3012. He understood the content of the course very well, and he was always organized and prepared for class. I received great help in all aspects of my learning. Definitely recommend!

Canny, StudentVIP member
since July, 2016


John is an outstanding tutor! He gives very clear and straight forward explanations to all topics within the BUSS1020 and BUSS1040 courses. He is very organised and prepared for all lessons providing many high quality resources such as topic summaries for exam revision. Thank you John!

Keegan, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


John is a very helpful tutor. He not only ensured that I thoroughly understood the BUSS1020 course content, but also encouraged practical application through providing practice questions, which cemented this understanding. He is very reliable and is highly recommended.

Aisha, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016


John is incredibly clear and professional in his explanations. He was instrumental in helping me understand FINC2011 and helped turn a failing assignment into to a 30/30 result! If you are lost in FINC or any of his other subjects even an hour with John will help you feel so much better.

Jack, StudentVIP member
since May, 2017


John’s explanation of the course content was easy to follow and I was able to understand concepts and maths clearly. He was super flexible and reliable. He went above and beyond in making BUSS1040 manageable.

Brieanna, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015