LexisNexis Study Guide: Criminal Law for Common Law States

Spears, Quilter

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Michael Grewcock, Donna Spears

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Criminal Law

Findlay, Mark

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Criminal Law

Findlay, Mark

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Annotated Criminal Legislation New South Wales

Roderick N. Howie, Peter A. Johnson

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Butterworths Tutorial Series - Criminal Law

Clough, J

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Exam Ready Notes

Written by Min

Key features: - Categorised by class week topic for convenience (Note: This set of notes does NOT i...

104 pages, 47996 words


Written by Sophie

These are complete notes for criminal law that allowed me to obtain a distinction grade. It includes...

260 pages, 139737 words

Ultimate Scaffolds: Problem Q's & Essays (Crim)

Written by Sian

The ultimate scaffold set for the final. Problem question scaffolds include: - step by step anal...

50 pages, 219821 words

Criminal Law Exam Notes + Methodical Scaffold + Case summaries and Legislation

Written by Michelle

Topic summary and scaffold - Assault - Automatism - Duress and Necessity - Extending Criminal Li...

48 pages, 14758 words

Criminal Law Notes

Written by Jack

Covers all topics in University of Sydney course outline. Also includes tables of principles and of...

108 pages, 49000 words

Criminal Law Full Exam Summaries

Written by Izzie

I used these notes in my final open-book exam. Complete summaries with full steps for everything cov...

23 pages, 10688 words

Criminal Law Exam HD Scaffold - 85 (LAWS5004 & LAWS1016)

Written by Elizabeth

This is all you need to ace the exam. Incredibly detailed notes - Easy to find answers & Ready f...

30 pages, 13335 words

HD Level Detailed Scaffolds

Written by Monica

Includes all topics covered in the course. This notes is a comprehensive and detailed scaffold of...

47 pages, 16866 words

Ultimate Criminal Law Exam Scaffolds

Written by Angela

Quick reference scaffolds that are ideal for open book problem question exams. This guide contai...

23 pages, 7462 words

Ultimate Criminal Law Notes + Essay Scaffolds

Written by Angela

Concise and Comprehensive set of notes, covering everything you need to succeed in Criminal Law....

152 pages, 61134 words


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A pretty good law course, but the 2x2 seminars make you work pretty hard, and there was an awkward four-week break in the middle.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

We were taught in 2x2 hour seminar sessions with classes of around 25 people as opposed to the usual lecture and tutorial combination. It was more personal and the tutors could spend more time with each student's needs.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Dr Arlie Loughnan is one of the best professors in the faculty. She really simplified the course and had a genuine interest in each student's progression.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2012