Global Strategy

Peng, Mike

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Global Strategy

Peng, Mike

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Complete IBUS2101 Notes - HD

Written by Alison

These are my complete notes for IBUS2101, and all I required for studying for exams. I format my not...

77 pages, 16203 words

IBUS2101 Topic Summaries (DI: 81)

Written by Thomas

These notes are a comprehensive summary of the 6 topics in IBUS2101. They are structured to make the...

21 pages, 4658 words

IBUS Lecture Notes + 8 PAGE EXAM PREP

Written by Emily

Well written and concise IBUS2101 notes with case study evidence and tutorial note taking. The final...

25 pages, 10000 words

IBUS2101 Weekly Lecture Notes

Written by Zin Phyo Maung

IBUS2101 International Business Strategy Full Weekly Lecture Notes from Week 2 - 13.

12 pages, 3939 words


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Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Poorly organized subject with way too content for 13 weeks of class. Instructions are quite unclear and tutor very aggressive and intimidating. Actual content is not too difficult but impossible to comprehend everything which so much content (textbook, lecture notes, A LOT of readings). First assessment all semester was multiple choice mid sem in week 12 followed by presentation and report on the same week. exam was open book allowing 40 minutes for 40 questions (impossible to finish). 30% of students failed.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014