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GOVT2225 complete notes from reader and lecture

Written by Zhoudi

Detailed notes from all readings and lectures. Nearly include everything one needs to know for GOVT2...

133 pages, 41971 words

HD (90) GOVT2225 Notes

Written by Georgia

All material from lectures, summaries of every reading and brief notes on the tutorials. I received...

52 pages, 19913 words

☆ ★ 2017 - GOVT2225 (HD) NOTES! [Lectures, readings, tutorials + more!] ★☆ (+BONUS!!)★☆

Written by James

Includes: 1. Notes from all lectures 2. Notes from all weekly readings 3. Notes from tutorial par...

103 pages, 19830 words

Comprehensive GOVT2225 Notes

Written by Courtney

Notes cover the entire subject; lectures, tutorials & all 19 set readings from Semester 1, 2016. The...

17 pages, 5772 words

Distinction GOVT2225 Notes - International Security in the 21st Century (80)

Written by Sophie

Comprehensive and very detail notes, covering everything needed for success in GOVT2225. Incredibl...

56 pages, 17000 words


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worse subject ive ever done for govt final exam was ridiculous

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Simple course. Straightforward content. Guil is hard to listen to but tbh you can just about skip the lectures. Summarise EVERY reading and go through the lecture slides cause that's where most of the exam material comes from

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016