Hi, I'm Cheryl!

I'm a USYD student studying Arts.


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First Class Honours student in International Relations, 2022 Graduate. Hi! I was a Politics and IR student of USYD, with a secondary major in socio-legal studies. I like letting the student take the lead and helping them put their own best work forward — I work best with reviewing assignments and essays, and then working through them with students to make lasting differences. Where students have concepts that need further revisiting, I am also happy to go through core ideas and theories to refine course understandings. I currently tutor best through MS Teams, and highly prefer working with USYD students. My current rates are: Reviewing: Marking single essays (with extensive comments, and supplementary comments on advancing the essay) $20 — 800-1000 words $25 — 1001-1500 words $30 — 1501-2000 words $40 — 2001 words+ +$20 for up to three relevant D-HD essays, for language, structure, argumentation, and referencing examples. Lessons: $65/hr — content overview (preferably, student will have to provide course outline information upfront to ensure relevance) $70/hr — combined lesson — pre-lesson essay/ assignment review, with tutorial dedicated to breaking down the essay and any relevant course concepts +$30 — any time over 1 hour, but under 2 hours.