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Latest HD Comprehensive M&A Notes: INCLUDES *ALL* READINGS

These notes include everything you need to know about the many reading tasks in this course. I was a...

83 pages, 37114 words

FINC3013 HD Final Exam Notes

This is a complete set of notes for the entire FINC3013 course. It covers all lecture content, defin...

46 pages, 11527 words

Comprehensive HD:86 FINC3013 M&A Notes

- Introduction to M&A - Assessing M&A outcomes - Merger Waves - Why M&A - Synergies & Deal Valua...

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High HD (90) Notes for Mergers & Acquisitions FINC3013

Incredibly extensive and comprehensive notes from all lectures and tutorials, including textbook rea...

113 pages, 32001 words

FINC3013: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) - 89 Ranked 2nd

FINC3013: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) - 89 Ranked 2nd

61 pages, 30848 words

FINC3013 Notes (3rd in Course)

Concise exam notes great for cramming - achieved 3rd in course and an HD. Good luck! List of modu...

17 pages, 5179 words

HD M&A Notes

Comprehensives notes that include all weeks. I received 85 in the course and final exam using these...

70 pages, 19546 words


A full summary of the whole FINC3013 course. All lectures are extensively covered with key definitio...

43 pages, 15015 words

Distinction FINC3013 - M&A - Full Course Notes

I received a distinction with these notes for mergers and acquisition. Includes all 7 modules (intro...

32 pages, 9132 words

Mergers & Acquisitions - Final Exam Notes

Comprehensive notes for M&A (FINC3013) including summaries from textbook, lectures and valuations no...

60 pages, 23772 words


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You either hate it or love it. The content is both theory- and calculations-heavy. You'd better have done Valuations before taking this unit or you'll most certainly underpeform. Assignments are dense and put your team skills to the test. Do not take it if you are not serious about pursuing a career in investment banking or private equity.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Loved This course

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

EXTREMELY difficult, especially if you haven't done valuations. Enrol with caution - only do this if you are serious about finance! Tip: DO NOT do this in the same semester as an assessment-heavy unit! M&A has 3 assignments, presentation, mid sem and final!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014