Fin111 Notes

Written by Natalie

Taken from lectures, tutorials and textbook

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Written by Anth

All the relevant content needed for you to score a HD. Includes information from the textbook and re...

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FIN111 Study Notes

Written by Rebecca

Comprehensive FIN111 study notes. Includes all content for the final exam. Based on lectures g...

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Cheat sheet for last-minute preparation before final exam

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- I am no genius, did struggle badly with this subject as well as you do for the first half of it....

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The first part of the course is all about theory and most of my classmate feel completely lost. The second half focus on calculation. For my semester, the lecturer didn't examine the first half in the final exam -- only the midterm, but it's easier than your normal tutorial question so chill. About calculation, I don't know how bad you are at Maths but she does show you how to put data into your calculator! And most questions aren't tricky.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016