Contemporary Europe

Richard Sakwa, Anne Stevens

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Contemporary Europe, 3rd Edition

Richard Sakwa and Anne Stevens

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A Short Border Handbook

Gkazment Kaplani

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Stranger in My Own Country

Yascha Mounk

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Once Upon The River Love

Andrei Makine

For sale by Alexandra for $20

Once Upon the River Love

Andre Makine, Geoffrey Strachan

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A Short Border Handbook

Gkazment Kaplani

For sale by Joe for $8

EUST1001 Distinction Lecture Notes

Written by Penelope

Comprehensive lecture notes from S1 2018. Received a 78 with these notes which were very helpful for...

46 pages, 16980 words


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Really interesting subject starting with an orientation of countries within Europe, a brief overview of major historical events prior to 1989 but main focus on post-Communist contemporary Europe- Brexit, EU, the rise of the far right. Big emphasis on what it means to be European in 21st century - quite philosophical ie identity parameters etc. Good lectures, excellent tutor in Danica Jenkins. Pretty easy assessments (except for 30% essay) and no formal exam. Quite a lot of reading but all provided online and no textbooks. Prepare well for the tutorials and attend lectures to get (unmarked) lecture quiz notes.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

A great overview of Europe taught in a traditional way, but with some contemporary twists. The variety of source types in teaching and learning is a highlight of this course. The assessment regime was good, but the lecturers clearly preferred teaching certain regions (South-Eastern Europe), and so coverage was imbalanced. Northern Europe was not paid any attention in this course in 2016.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Interesting to learn about Europe, but the main focus is on the EU. And involves a lot of reading articles and books, watching movies and essentially writing a review on them.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017