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I have completed my Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) with a second major in Geography. I'm currently working on my Honours in Geography, specialising in sustainable development and waste management.

I received an exceptional HD (86-90) in many of the subjects listed below. My WAM ranks me in the top 10% of my cohort. Happy to share notes during sessions.

I have also interned for the Sustainability Team at Lendlease, worked in the marketing department for EcoFarms and wrote a number of journalism pieces for different media outlets.

I have been tutoring the past 5 years (includes high school students) so have extensive experience with a range of students' study methods and strategies.

I have achieved a HIGH DISTINCTION or strong D in the following subjects:
- MECO1001: Introduction to Media Studies (82)
- MECO1002: Digital Media and Communications Landscapes (86 --> 97% on the final exam)
- ARIN2620: Everyday Digital Media (84)
- EUST1001: European Identity in the 21st Century (85)
- GEOS2115: Oceans, Coasts and Climate Change (76)
- MECO2601: Media Production: Radio and Podcasting (84)
- ASNS1602: Asia: Past, Present, Future (77)
- GEOS2121: Environmental and Resource Management (81)
- GEOS3014: GIS Mapping (79)
- MECO2602: Media Production: Video (84)
- MECO2603: Public Relations (85)
- OLET2151: Understanding the USA (89)
- OLET2113: Global Ethics: The Great Barrier Reef (77)
- GEOS3524: Global Development and Livelihoods (76)
- GEOS3520/3920: Urban Citizenship and Sustainability (Adv) (84)
- MECO3603: Media, Law and Ethics (89)
- MECO3605: Issues in Global and Digital Media (89)
- FAS3999: Interdisciplinary Impact (89)
- MECO3606: Media Production: Advanced Media Writing (82)
- OLET2123: OLET2123 Understanding the Arab World (89)
- OLE1601: The Apocalypse in Science and Culture (90)

Happy to organise groups sessions if you want to share the experience of tutoring/study with a friend. Same hourly rate divided between two ($30 per person).

I am passionate about learning and helping others learn. I offer tutoring in MECO and GEOS subjects plus a few electives in the history faculty.

I am happy to have lessons on campus, anywhere in the city, around the suburbs (your home if that is preferred), at libraries or online.