East Asian Development

Dwight H. Perkins

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The miracle: the epic story of Asia’s quest for wealth

Michael Schuman

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ECOS2025 Complete Notes

Written by Queenie

These ECOS2025 notes covers all lecture materials and important tutorial questions that are examinab...

47 pages, 12221 words

ECOS2025 HD Notes + Mid-Sem and Tutorial Materials (Mark: 87) - 1st in Course

Written by Danny

Although many people say that ECOS2025 is a WAM booster, don’t be swayed. This unit is NOT as easy a...

77 pages, 9701 words

ECOS2025 HD Essay Plans (Mark: 87)

Written by Danny

Concise essay plans for course topics that are likely to appear in the mid-semester and final exams....

5 pages, 623 words

ECOS2025 Comprehensive Notes + Tutorial Q&A + Summary Table + Mid Sem Q+A

Written by Emily

I have really enjoyed ECOS2025 and have incorporated everything you need to know into these notes (m...

45 pages, 13100 words


Written by Jake

ECOS2025 Comprehensive Notes This unit is known to many as a WAM booster. Don't be fooled, this u...

46 pages, 13359 words

ECOS2025 Detailed Notes

Written by Michelle

Self-organised notes drawn from lectures, tutorials, and textbooks.

33 pages, 14182 words


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People say its an easy unit which is definitely a lie. David is a hardworking lecturer (he takes only 3-hour lectures) but the content is a bit dry and the fact that there are no tutors or different allotted tutorial timings makes it harder to work through the unit. There is a lot of content to study which needs to be memorized for the final and the mid-semester was set to be particularly hard (average was at 57 and 30% failed). The unit isn't too hard but not as engaging as any other economics unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

I would recommend this to people who doesnt like maths. only the minimum basic maths required. multiple choice questions in midsem and final were bit difficult but short answer and long answer questions were straightforward. intuitive and interesting consist of about 6 different Asian countries in one unit with few quest lectures. not difficult at all but not super easy. (David Kim was the lecturer)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Material isn't wholly uninteresting, but poor linkages between lectures/readings and assessables (espescially the mid-sem, which had multiple questions not even touched on by material) make the unit frustrating. Not too much math involved (other than basic production functions, etc.).

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

I just completed second year and this is the best Eco subject I've done by far, if you add in a little extra effort then you'll easily get a Distinction. Hardly any maths and it's more historical based

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Enjoyable subject. Difficult Mid-Sem but fair Final. Some of the lectures can be a bit unclear in structure but put in the work and you'll get the results. Interesting subject matter.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

This was a very enjoyable subject. David is an engaging lecturer, who explains things interestingly and very clearly. He obviously knows a lot about the growth experiences of the East Asian economies and what happened during the AFC. The content is not too difficult; there is a lot of memorisation with a country's historical growth experiences, its current challenges, as well as an evaluation of its policies. Incorporating economic models and theory to the content really helps you understand what's going on. Even if you don't, David did provide some 'refresher' notes on basic economic concepts from introductory macroeconomics. Also, we had a lot of guest lectures! A wonderful way of reinforcing the content we had learned. The assessments were 5 online quizzes, a mid-term and the final exam (which included one essay), but they're not overwhelming. I recommend this if you need to fill up an economics major (or, if you like East Asia)!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015