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CHEM1902, CHEM1904: Chemistry 1B Complete Notes (HD)

Written by Anais

Complete study notes for CHEM1102, CHEM1902 and CHEM1904 (I completed CHEM1904 with a HD mark). Info...

72 pages, 14200 words


Written by Katharine

Detailed yet concise Chem1902 notes. Includes helpful diagrams and all the key information from each...

66 pages, 10409 words

CHEM1902 Chemistry 1B Complete Course Notes (High Distinction)

Written by Jonathan

These CHEM1902 notes are my raw personal lecture notes. I received a final mark of 95 (High Disti...

55 pages, 6601 words

CHEM1102/1902/1904 notes

Written by Sarah

-Summary of ALL lecture notes and lecturers' explanations -You do NOT need to review/listen to the...

92 pages, 17201 words

HD CHEM1102/1902/1904 Notes (90)

Written by Paul

HD notes which can be used for most first year chemistry students and since the course is really con...

136 pages, 17000 words


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- Qualified CELTA teacher - 2 year of private tutoring experience - 90 in CHEM1101, HD average...


More demanding than CHEM1101/1901 due to the introduction of organic chemistry, but very rewarding nonetheless. Fast paced, but very well structured and plenty of resources available if you need them. If you study hard in this subject, it makes 2nd and 3rd year Chem subjects (especially organic ones) a lot easier

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2010