Butt's Land Law

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Butt's Land Law

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Lexisnexis Questions and Answers - Property Law

C. Dow, L. Leigh

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Butt's Land Law

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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An Introduction to Property Law in Australia

Robert Chambers

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Butt's Land Law

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Land Law

Peter Butt

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real property exam scaffold (D)

Written by Charlie

this scaffold includes all examinable materials and presents them in a fast-to-refer matter to help...

7 pages, 3000 words

Real Property Scaffolds

Written by Bilson

I got 86. I got this subject down to a science. Its 30 pages of the most calculated set of scaffol...

28 pages, 15000 words

Real Property Scaffold

Written by Ho Yan

LAWS2017/LAWS5012 DISTINCTION Real Property Exam Scaffold. Comprehensive and concise exam scaffo...

19 pages, 8363 words

Real Property Notes

Written by Cosmos

Detailed notes containing relevant sections of legislation and concise detailed case notes.

77 pages, 47772 words

Notes + flowcharts that gets distinctions *EXAM READY*

Written by Dennis

Didn't bother to study this semester because you already have clerkships/internships lined up? Do...

24 pages, 6000 words

Distinction LAWS5012 Comprehensive Notes + Revision Answers

Written by Jack

These Real Property notes served me well in the initial assessment and final exam - overall helping...

148 pages, 63548 words


Written by Cassie M

FEATURES: 1. HOW DID I MAKE THESE NOTES? These scaffolds were compiled using multiple sets of note...

37 pages, 18463 words

Real Property Notes - great for problem solving

Written by Ankita

The notes provides a detailed account of the key materials covered in Real Property. They have been...

57 pages, 25978 words

Case Extract for Real Property Law (For LAWS5012 & LAWS2017)

Written by Vanessa

This is a case extract for Real Property Law, suitable for LAWS5012 as well as LAWS2017.
 It only li...

40 pages, 6666 words

Brain Storm Charts for Real Property (For LAWS5012 & LAWS2017)

Written by Vanessa

Personally speaking, I like to use different charts in exam because it is more straightforward and c...

27 pages, 5800 words


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