Psychology 5E Australian and New Zealand Hybrid

L. Burton

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Lorelle Burton, Drew Westen, Robin M. Kowalski

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Foundation Psychology A Notes

All of the lecture notes typed up. Module 2 – What is Psychology Module 3 – Developmental Psych...

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Great subject. Good support. Interesting material. Assignment 3 needs better planning however.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Too much history, didn't learn much about the actual profession.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Great topic with Great lecturers!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013

It is a good course but can be quite overwhealming and stressful. The practice exam at the end of the semester they give you, is not at all helpful. None of what i studied through out the course was relevant on the final exam. Though how each module is split up it is quite fun to challenge yourself on the quizzes

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014