Principles of Taxation Law 2018

Kerrie Sadiq, Cynthia Coleman, Rami Hanegbi, Sunita Jogarajan, Richard Krever, Wes Obst, Jonathan Teoh, Antony KF Ting

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Principles of Taxation Law

K Sadiq

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Fundamental Tax Legislation 2016

Dale Pinto, Kendall Kendall, Kerrie Sadiq

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LAWS7012 Mid-Semester + Final Exam Notes

Written by Joshua

I achieved a Distinction (6) for the course using these notes. You will receive 2 pages of mid-semes...

37 pages, 10000 words

LAWS7012 Final exam notes

Written by Erin

Notes for final exam

40 pages, 8366 words

Taxation law

Written by Casey

All chapters for mid term and most of the chapters for finals

39 pages, 2000 words


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