The Essentials of Conditioning and Learning

Domjan, Michael

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Psychology : Themes and Variations, Briefer Version

Weiten, Wayne

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PSYC122 Notes

Written by Mitchell

Includes all content assessable in the subject from lectures, tutorials, and textbook readings. Co...

14 pages, 4692 words

PSYC122 Notes - Complete Subject

Written by Lauren

These notes cover the whole of PSYC122 and include flowcharts and diagrams for things like perceptio...

38 pages, 14794 words

PSYC122 Study Notes - Entire Semester

Written by Cassie

A thorough overview of the entire subject. Notes created by reading the allocated chapters in conju...

38 pages, 11805 words


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Hi my name is Celine and I studied Bachelor of Social Science(Psychology) at the University of Wollo...