Maths For Chemistry

Monk, Paul

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The weekly tutorials are so helpful because your tutors actually make sure you're understanding the lecture content, the only time I struggled in the subject was when I missed a tutorial. The group practical work wasn't very effective though because some people in your group do the questions and submit it without any input from other members.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The lectures aren't recorded, so if you miss one, or struggle to keep up - things will get difficult. Tutorial classes are too big to take full advantage of having someone there to help, however the tutors do try their best to help everyone they can. Questions are recycled from year to year, so you can't see your tests afterwards. In other words, you're given a mark, but you have no idea which areas you need to improve on. This happens with each topic test and quiz. I recommend getting a tutor ASAP if you start struggling at ANY point throughout the course... moreso than for any other subject. (The content in maths is built entirely on what you did the week before, so if you struggle with algebra, you will struggle with logs, and with trigonometry, and with calculus.) Get help EARLY on and treat the subject with the respect that it deserves by putting the work into it, it is difficult if you've never done advanced maths before. Pay for wolfram alpha pro, it shows step by step working which is helpful if you become stuck.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015