Lawyers in Australia

Ainslie Lamb, John Littrich, Karina Murray

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Lawyers and Australian Society

Custom Publication for UOW

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Lawyers and Australian Society

Lexis nexis

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Detailed Ethics and Professional Responsibility Notes

These notes are very detailed and hours of hard work went into making them. They cover all essential...

95 pages, 27082 words

Highly Succinct Exam Notes!

LLB 197 is all about a lawyer's ethical duty to society. This exam note covers all topics covered in...

17 pages, 6702 words

Distinction Lawyers and Australian Society Notes

These notes are taken from the 2015 3rd edition (newest) textbook with details of the latest legal p...

71 pages, 52323 words

Lawyers and Australian Society

Two sets of bound cohesive notes- including necessary sections of the Legal Profession Uniform Law r...

67 pages, 28000 words


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