Understanding Contract Law - 8th Edition

Yamouni, Y

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Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

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Contract Notes (HD) - FULL TEXTBOOK

Written by Michael

Please note: - that I did not attend UOW but I am a professional tutor and lecturer in Contract La...

212 pages, 111745 words

Law of Contracts B

Written by John

Comprehensive notes, High Distinction quality

43 pages, 11000 words

Methodical and Articulate "Contracts B" Exam Notes

Written by Ava

Succinct LLB170 contract notes which are very procedural that raises issues you may have missed, and...

31 pages, 12417 words

Contracts Law B

Written by Laura

Cohesive set of LLB170 notes I made through a process of lectures/ seminars/ past notes and my own k...

77 pages, 14787 words


$90 per hour

Experienced qualified solicitor with 12 years teaching experience. Lecturer and tutor. LLB/LP (hons...