LexisNexis Case Summaries: Contracts - 7th edition

Smith, M

For sale by Charlie for $20

Principles of Contract Law

Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

For sale by Lekha for $99

Contracts B Master Notes - High Distinction-87- First in Year

Written by Ginni

I used these notes to gain a mark of 87 and first place in the year in Law of Contracts B. These...

44 pages, 11664 words

Detailed Contract Law B Notes with case citations

Written by Kailee

These notes allowed me to achieve a mark of 87 for my exam, and 82 overall in the subject for the se...

24 pages, 7949 words

Distinction quality Contract B (LLB 170) notes

Written by Damon

I used these notes to achieve a Distinction in LLB 170. These notes are extremely detailed, with...

40 pages, 15527 words

LLB170 case summaries

Written by Rachael McKenzie

A complete, thorough and well-structured summary of all the cases from each week including principle...

76 pages, 33000 words

Law of Contract B Notes

Written by Benjamin

Full course notes for LLB170 - Law of Contract B. A complete, succinct outline of all case ratios w...

29 pages, 8501 words

Contract Law B Notes

Written by Bec

These notes are formatted in a step by step guide for answering problem questions. Divided into issu...

48 pages, 4981 words

Contracts B Notes

Written by Sam

Concise, easy to understand notes for LLB170.

83 pages, 40068 words

LLB170: Law of Contract B

Written by Bonnie

These notes contain a concise summary of each topic in Contract B, followed by a summary of cases wh...

45 pages, 30244 words


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Found this wasn't as well structured as LLB120. My seminar leader was okay but we didn't do nearly enough problem questions. The exam was extremely difficult and unrealistic too.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014