Principles of Geographical Information Systems

Peter A. Burrough, Rachael A. McDonnell, Christopher D. Lloyd

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Overall this was a good subject, would have rated 70% rather than 60% if i could. Dr Codilean is a great guy but not the best at teaching. Although it probably depends on your learning style, he prefers to give you minimal information and help so you can figure it out yourself. I found that the assignment criteria and instructions were lacking, it was hard to tell what he was asking for. For some parts of the assignments the subject criteria was missing overall. The lectures were very dry and almost useless as there is no theory exam however they do help a little for the pracs and the questions at the end of the practicals which are assessed. There is a textbook but don't bother buying it, Dr Codilean provides an online textbook and you can borrow the proper one at the library. The software that is used throughout the subject is provided on a disk but can only be downloaded on windows computers/laptops however it is not essential for the subject. If you are struggling in the practicals you will need to complete the online tutorials that come with the software in order to reach 80% which is required to pass the first assignment (your combined practicals). Despite suggesting you skip the things I have mentioned, if you are aiming for a high distinction then you may benefit from them. I didn't use the textbook, went to the lectures but didn't study or anything like that and used the online tutorials once and received a distinction. Overall I enjoyed this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017