Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

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Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

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Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman

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Primer for Critiquing Social Research : A Student Guide

Holosko, Michael

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What is a Social Relation?

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Social Research Methods

Bryman, Alan

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HD SRAP1001 Course Notes

Written by Alec

Comprehensive lecture notes designed for easy use, coming with concise in-depth content on concepts...

84 pages, 24347 words

SRAP1001 notes from lectures, readings and tutorials.

Written by Annique

Here are 42 pages of scrupulously detailed notes on SRAP1001. I have been very comprehensive with th...

42 pages, 13499 words

SRAP Exam Notes / Course Notes

Written by Michelle

SRAP is boring policy, methodology and statistics stuff but you need to pass if this a core subject...

31 pages, 5500 words


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Hi everyone! I am currently in my last trimester (yay) of a Bachelor of Social Research & Policy...


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Hi Guys, I am currently in my 4th year as an undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Social Work (Ho...


Semi interesting class with easy assignments. Easy to get high marks if you follow the marking criteria. Content a little dry at times, and lecture was at an inconvenient time so I never went to them, but caught up fairly easily with the lecture slides. Endnote (referencing system) gave me a lot of trouble so don't try and download/use it 2 days before the report is due!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

An improvement from SRAP1000, the content is a bit more engaging. The last few tutorials were spent learning excel (something I learnt in primary school). I found the three 20% quizzes okay except they are very heavily weighted (1% per multiple choice question). This was a core unit and learning about quantitative and quantitative research methods was a refresher.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015