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SDES1001 is a compulsory course for first year design students. The course workload was incredibly demanding with feedback from tutors being incredibly vague and ambiguous. Assignments lacked direction and often tutors had interpreted the assignment in their own way, trying to lead us to do things beyond our skill e.g. cutting plastics instead of using paper in the 2nd assignment. I felt the course involved many things that should be assumed knowledge e.g. mixing colours to create a hue and failed to give students direction in what stream they may wish to take in the second year. We were also forced to take compulsory out of hours night classes for a component in the assignment, so I really didn't understand why they wouldn't just include it in the actual studio lessons instead of wasting time mixing colours and folding paper.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

For any design students or double degree students, this is the first year fundamental course you have to take. From my experience, this course is a load of bull and a waste of time. Hipster teachers that give you little direction with the work. Especially Sarah, where she will say to "work harder" but does not give any constructive criticism. They also expect you to do 6 things in one week, thinking they're the only class you'll be taking. Especially giving you a huge workload 1 week before the assignment is due. Unfortunately this class is a must, just brace yourselves with the hispter views and huge amount of unneeded workload before the deadline.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015