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Course has ups and downs. Like there's no final exam. But assessments are a bit annoying; like a biography of a student and interview with a scientist. You have your tutorial stream (2 hours) and a lecture stream (2 hours). Your tutorial stream is pretty much learning about jobs and presenting yourself, just those life stuff. I had a great tutor who made going to the tutorials really enjoyable and not the least bit stressing at all, but i know many others who didn't enjoy their tutorials. Your lecture stream, you can choose different sub-streams like; Medical Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Chemistry etc. I chose Medical Science and it really wasn't that great. We got split into 3 groups; Neuroscience, Immunity and Cancer. I chose Cancer, then we got split into another 2 groups; Personalised Medicine, and Metabolism and Lifestyle or something. The whole semester was really just working towards one major presentation where you present in the Medical Science stream. Our groups were then split into another 3 sections; Molecular and cellular, organs and systems, and society. I didn't see the point of bothering to go to the lectures since we were just there to work on our presentation. Sometimes we got to go up to the labs to see what the employees would work on which was pretty cool.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

People say this is easy and the lectures are, to a degree, but the assignments aren't just something you can breeze though. I spent the longest preparing for this subject and it ended being my third worst subject. Overall it's a OK course, it's chill in terms of what you need to know, but don't leave your assignments to the last minute if you want to do well.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016