Basic Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences

Gary W. Heiman

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Cengage Advantage Books: Conducting Research in Psychology

Brett W. Pelham, Hart Blanton

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Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Gary Heiman

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HD (85) PSYC1111 Summary

Written by Bella

Succinct set of summary notes for all lecture and tutorial content from PSYC1111. Perfect study mate...

24 pages, 5406 words

(HD: 94) PSYC1111 Course notes + Revision sheets

Written by Antony

Contains: - Extensive notes for each course topic with full easy-to-understand conceptual explanat...

51 pages, 14731 words

PSYC1111 Notes - HD

Written by Sandra

Research Methods Topics: 1. The Scientific Method 2. Pseudoscience 3. Hits and Misses: What Evid...

18 pages, 3981 words

PSYC1111- Measuring Mind and Behaviour

Written by Sahar

Full course notes - The scientific Method + Statistics Received 90 (HD) for this course. With ma...

109 pages, 20301 words

PSYC1111 Complete summary of course

Written by Shirley

Complete summary of PSYC1111 course. Both research methods and statistics notes.

99 pages, 22094 words

Measuring Mind and behaviour notes

Written by Katie

Clear and comprehensive notes, including diagrams.

17 pages, 3375 words

PSYC1111 Research Methods Notes (HD)

Written by Sharon

Comprehensive but concise notes covering the research methods part of PSYC1111 Measuring Mind and Be...

20 pages, 6144 words

PSYC1111 Exam Revision Notes (HD)

Written by Kate

Complete course notes from PSYC1111 - very comprehensive and detailed, including relevant diagrams a...

31 pages, 5000 words

PSYC1111- Great Notes

Written by Sara

Detailed PSYC1111 notes based on Lectures covering all key concepts.

35 pages, 6443 words


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