Forensic Psychology

Sandie Taylor

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High Distinction: PSYC1027 Forensic Psychology Notes

Written by Sahar

HD quality notes. Clear, concise explanations with diagrams. All lecture content included for th...

67 pages, 21496 words

Forensic psychology notes

Written by Katie

Comprehensive and clear forensic psych notes.

27 pages, 5583 words

PSYC1027 Forensic Psychology (distinction)

Written by Anna

Detailed and comprehensive notes complied from lectures and assessable resources/readings. Materi...

45 pages, 15044 words


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Absolutely loved this course. Super easy if you keep up with the online lectures. Was an absolute breeze and the exam was literally a piece of cake. Anyone need tutoring for it just hmu, this course is a second language to me. Ariel

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017