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PSYC1024-SUMMER TERM 2018/2019

Written by Natasha

Did the course over the summer term for 2018 and 2019. This course was fully online so my notes are...

35 pages, 11980 words

Clinical Perspectives Notes

Written by Rachel

In depth notes including lectures, tutorials, reading, research for assignments and other research t...

12 pages, 3112 words

HD (96) PSYC1024 Summary

Written by Bella

Succinct set of summary notes for all lecture content from PSYC1024, including summaries of all expe...

35 pages, 11657 words

Detailed, Distinction PSYC1024 Notes

Written by Patricia

Complete notes for weeks 1-12 of PSYC1024. These notes are incredibly detailed including all of the...

61 pages, 26018 words

PSYC1024: Anxiety, Mood and Stress High Distinction Notes

Written by Sahar

HD quality notes. Clear, concise explanations with diagrams. All lecture content included for th...

92 pages, 23047 words


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