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PSYC1022 Notes - HD

Written by Sandra

Topics: 1. Origins of Drugs 2. Manufacture 3. Epidemiology 4. Harms of Drug Use 5. Associative...

84 pages, 36962 words

Highly Detailed Notes for Psychology of Addiction UNSW

Written by Sara

-Detailed notes according to each lecture. -Updated notes as the lecture content has been the same...

97 pages, 31078 words

Distinction, Detailed Psychology of Addiction Complete Notes

Written by Patricia

Complete notes for weeks 1-12 of the psychology of addiction. These notes are incredibly detailed in...

61 pages, 28240 words

PSYC1022 Notes

Written by Aashini

Comprehensive lecture + readings + additional notes

82 pages, 32736 words

PSYC1022: Psychology of Addiction Notes

Written by Sahar

These notes will guarantee you a HD. Clear and detailed notes with relevant diagrams. Contain al...

111 pages, 38135 words


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Did this as a gen ed because I heard that it was a wam booster. In my experience this is only a wam booster if you're willing to spend a lot of time on this course. There's a lot of content but not a lot of it ends up being assessed in the final exam so it's difficult to know what to concentrate on. A lot of people struggled with the essay and the mean was 70. There's quite a bit of biology/neuroscience which I struggled with because I'm not great at understanding biological processes. Lecturer just reads straight off the slides so don't bother listening to them.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019

The lecture slides were boring and the assessment tasks were difficult.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Interesting course however, it is 100% rope-learning orientated and the lecture slides are jam packed with information. Way too much to learn even if you space it out over the semester.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015