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High Distinction PSYC1011: Psychology 1B Notes

Written by Sahar

High Distinction Notes Clear, concise explanations with diagrams. All lecture content included fo...

148 pages, 35497 words

HD Psychology 1B (PSYC1011) Comprehensive Notes on ALL TOPICS

Written by Annie

Covers ALL TOPICS (incl. Psychobiology, Cognition and Memory, Animal Learning, Perception, Abnormal...

76 pages, 25334 words

HD Comprehensive PSYC1B notes

Written by Christina

- Includes lecture notes and prescribed reading - Concise, yet detailed explanation all concepts in...

75 pages, 13775 words

[HD Quality] Completed Lecture & Tutorial Notes

Written by Armando

This document contains complete notes regarding all topics taught within this course. The lecture no...

116 pages, 36487 words

PSYC1011 Reading Notes

Written by Evelyn

These are notes from the assigned textbook readings for the entire term used to supplement lecture c...

23 pages, 3098 words

Psychology 1B Notes

Written by Rachel

Includes Psychobiology (Nervous system, Neuroanatomy, Neurochemistry, Psychopharmacology etc.), Memo...

29 pages, 7719 words

PSYC1011 Notes - HD

Written by Sandra

Topics: 1. Abnormal Psychology 2. Animal Learning 3. Psychobiology 4. Memory & Cognition 5. Per...

37 pages, 8000 words

HD (88) PSYC1011 Summary

Written by Bella

Succinct set of summary notes for all lecture and tutorial content from PSYC1011, including summarie...

41 pages, 10101 words

PSYC1011 - Comprehensive High Distinction Notes (88 Final Mark)

Written by Erwin

These notes cover all content and materials that were examined in the final exam for 2017 semester 2...

131 pages, 33920 words

HD - PSYC1011 Comprehensive notes including summary of all experiments

Written by Saloni

Detailed notes made from a number of resources including, lecture notes, textbook, tutorial notes an...

75 pages, 14075 words


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okay course

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Tutor was super biased against non-Science/ Psych students, boring as fuck lectures, and an end of semester multiple choice exam with trick questions. Failed by 2 marks and was rejected an appeal - just another money grab of a subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Covers a broad range of interesting topics. You can also get extra marks for participating in psychology research. The research report is a isn't an easy assignment for 1st year standards though..

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2012

I personally enjoyed this class more than PSYC1001, due to the focus shifting more towards areas of psychology that I am interested in. The range of topics kept my interest up

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2010