H. P. Rang, M. Maureen Dale, J. M. Ritter

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Comprehensive Pharmacology Notes

Written by Sara

Notes based on current lecture material

35 pages, 10628 words

PHAR2011 Drug tables and additional notes

Written by Rebecca

Complete drug table of all drugs learnt in all topics along with mechanism of action, use, side effe...

31 pages, 8000 words

Pharmacology Summary Notes

Written by Kimchi

Integrated lecture material with diagrams from the textbook for PHAR2011.

41 pages, 10413 words


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A lot of drug names to remember but if you use a "Complete Drug List" notes you find this extremely helpful. You get to chose the short answer questions which helps maximise your marks. Labs are every 2 weeks which is good.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016