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Mostly practical subject focused on writing and analysing arguments. Can get a bit dry at times but it's quite logical so if you stick to the formula and write clearly you shouldn't have too much trouble. Read the assessments carefully because they're quite similar but the differences matter. Also I agree with the other reviewer, Robert seems strict at first but he's a very good tutor that cares a lot about he's doing. Once you understand his humour, you can learn to love him.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Lectures are somewhat repetitive and drawn out but you have to attend because they mark the roll. The most difficult part of this course is figuring out what they want in the assessments (2 articles aimed towards a more academic journalistic crowd and 1 speech/presentation to the class) because they all sound very similar. My best marks of the semester ended up coming from this subject and the trick is to pick a different and interesting subject and then to cater your work towards WHAT IS SPECIFICALLY ASKED. It sounds like a no brainier, but trust me, the pain and turmoil that people went through was because they didn't deliver what the criteria was! I had Robert as my tutor and while he was intimidating in the the beginning, he is truly an excellent tutor.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013