Intellectual Property Law

Craig Collins, Heather Ann Forrest

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DISTINCTION - Foundations of IP Notes

Written by Zoe

Includes quick reference notes for all topics in the course: 1. Copyright 2. Breach of Confidence...

50 pages, 18900 words

Intellectual Property Notes

Written by Amanda

LAWS3021 exam notes: online & problem question - also helpful with essay preparation for intellectu...

23 pages, 6937 words

Foundations of IP Law - Summarised exam and class notes

Written by Jenna

Summarised class and exam notes. Includes practical examples and problem answers. Colour code...

69 pages, 67669 words

Foundations of IP Law - Exam Notes

Written by Elouise

Final end of semester exam notes for Foundations of IP Law. Achieved a final Distinction grade.

65 pages, 24289 words

[Mark of 82 DN] LAWS3021 Notes - For both Exams 1 and 2

Written by John

The price you are paying for these distinction quality notes are for both exams 1 and 2. This subjec...

53 pages, 27000 words


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